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At the request of NHS England, some of our staff are currently redeployed supporting the response to the Omicron outbreak. We are therefore prioritising urgent MSK patients, continuing treatment face-to-face in clinics and remotely via telephone and video. We are also maintaining a high percentage of our face-to-face classes. However, there may be delays to treatment and advice for non-urgent patients. Despite limited capacity, we will endeavour to provide MSK Services for all referred patients. We sincerely thank you for your patience and support at this time.

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Our service consists of highly skilled and experienced physiotherapists who work alongside specialist podiatrists and occupational therapists to provide accessible, high-quality and efficient rehabilitation services for NHS patients
in Great Yarmouth and Waveney.

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Feedback from our patients

The class have helped me understand how my knee works and what I can do with my knee to reduce the pain. I have gained back my confidence and physical activities that I thought I would have had to give up.

My therapist has been brilliant – really made a difference in a few short weeks

My physio was very helpful explaining how muscles work and why exercises might hurt to start but will improve and it did a long 8 – 10 weeks but worth it

My physio was so very helpful. He did so much for me. He is so good at his job.

Nothing but good experiences every time I visited – I just want to say how brilliant my therapist was. She was very professional and friendly

I felt very confident in the advice and support I have received over past few months. Many thanks to all staff especially my physiotherapist

The care my physiotherapist gave me was great. So much caring, so much better after having so much pain for 10 months

Three Physios I seen. All of them were very helpful. Let me do my talking and they listened. They all gave me excellent help and support. Thank you very much

My physiotherapist is so reassuring and explains things so well

My physiotherapist gave me back my confidence to exercise and improve my back pain

My leg and ankle problems improved amazingly with the advice I was given. My physiotherapist thoroughly explained what would help my leg improve and why it had been playing up in the first place

Very friendly therapist who was very knowledgeable and understanding, easy to follow exercises and helped in my road to recovery

My physiotherapist was very positive and we came up with a plan that suited me perfectly. Following his advice and exercises I am practically back to normal and pain free, I was seen very quickly after referral and have had regular sessions to get me back on track. Excellent

The treatment I received from the physiotherapy dept. and especially my physiotherapist was outstanding. My physiotherapist helped me get through a very difficult time, physically and emotionally. I have nothing but praise for her and the dept. Thank you so much.

My physiotherapist was extremely good and encouraging. Very happy with the outcome.

Thank you for the wonderful care, help and advice. I couldn’t have wished for better

Telephone interview full range of movement the physiotherapist, first class service. Answered all my worries. Many thanks.

I had excellent care for sciatica with my physiotherapist

The gentleman who I spoke to on the phone was incredibly helpful, he broke down the problem and damage that was in my knee so that I could understand. 5 star.

I was very impressed with the physiotherapist. She explained in depth the results of my x-ray and scan. She was just incredible and very pleasant

My physiotherapist was very understanding on her call to me and the exercise program is really good and is helping me

I felt despondent to begin with after breaking my wrist but have responded so well to the physio’s care and exercises that I would never have believed such progress was possible.